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How To Draw Chibi Lips

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Tips No. 97. Store your supplements and vitamins.Decluttered vitamins can make a mess in every house. Here are a few steps to keep them well organized.Step one: Bring all vitamins together.Step two: Check all expiration dates; get rid of expired items.Step three: Leave vitamins in their original containers. When storing your vitamins, be sure to keep them away from extreme temperatures. The best solution is a cupboard away from the oven. Brilliant!BATHROOMMake your bathroom sparkle and shine!Bathroom needs a systematic plan for organizing and decluttering. Divide your space into three zones and declutter each and every bit of your bathroom. Putting your bathroom items back is as easy as ABC. Afterwards, prepare a relaxing bath and enjoy!

Tips No. 250. A simple hack – cute decorative trays.Opt for decorative trays to keep organized small items and necessities that you use on a daily basis. Find “home” for your eyewear, small toys, pencil, book, crafts, office supplies, etc. Here is a brilliant idea: each family member can be assigned a tray for holding everyday items.

Tips No. 322. A catchall basket in a kids’ room.This is a clever idea to help your kids get organized in their room. Consider buying a large-sized decorative basket with a lid. Whenever your child leaves something lying around that doesn’t belong in the kids’ room, it goes into designated catchall basket. Put the basket into the corner of the room to save space. Clever!

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