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How To Make Pasta Cook

Our Tips of the Day!

Tips No. 1. Use it or lose it! There is an old American adage “A place for everything and everything in its place”. This is so true. The key is to establish a storage spot for every single object in your entryway. Simplify your life. Determine the essentials and find them their home. Clean the clutter out of your entryway once and for all. This rule applies to all rooms without exception. Even for the basement and attic.

Tips No. 62. Trays – Organizing idea for your kitchen counter.First of all – remove the unnecessary things that don’t belong here. You should also remove teapots, toasters, coffee makers, and so on. Honestly, if you make coffee only in the morning, it’ll take about 5 minutes every day. After that, your coffee maker will stand unused by tomorrow morning.Take trays of different sizes and shapes that will hold different items. Each of them will have a specific purpose. One tray holds napkins and coasters. The other tray will be “home” for salt, pepper, spices you use frequently, bottles of the oil, etc. The third tray will be home for important things such as keys.

Tips No. 119. A cookie jar and a cupcake tray in your bathroom.Out of sight means less visual clutter, but things hidden in the bathroom cabinet tend to be forgotten.Here are two amazing and chip hacks for decluttering and organizing bathroom accessories, makeup, etc. Make them visible and easily accessible. You can use a cookie jar to store your lip glosses or nail polishes. Then, you can stack your makeup products on the tiers of a cupcake tray. In this way, you can group them by categories.

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