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How To Boil Noodles

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    In this video, I have shown how to cook or boil noodles or Pasta in a perfect way. So now, after watching this video, you will find it very easy to cook noodles or ...

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    Tips No. 74. Declutter your kitchen gadgets and appliances.How to know when to throw some gadgets away or donate them to charity? Group these itemsinto following categories:You haven't used it in the last yearYou know for sure that your family will never use it again. Just create” I would never use that” listIt is too oldIt is broken and completely uselessYou have duplicateAfter this, it’s easy to know what to do next. Enjoy!

    Tips No. 257. Keep your magazines neatly organized (Part I).You love your magazines so much. However, do you have magazine holders? Or do you have a special home for them, for example, on a bookshelf? If your answer is No, it’s time to sort your favorites. Here are a few ideas to do that easily and effortlessly.a. Therefore, you should organize them and put them at the place designated. A good solution is to purchase a couple of magazine racks.b. Go to your local store and pick a stylish magazine holder. Display your magazines in the living room and delight your guests who love to read magazines.c. Vertical spine bookcase is a great idea if you have a huge collection of magazines; in this way, you can group them by category.Enjoy your clutter-free living room!

    Tips No. 360. A creative storage idea – old school lockers.Here is an amazing and inexpensive storage solution for you – find old school lockers. You can find them online, paint them and assign one to each family member.Our clutter defines a part of us as a person. For example, if you love collectibles, these things reflect your passion. Anyway, most of these things end in your garage. One day you realize – your garage is jammed with stuff and you forgot of your passion and dreams because of your hectic lifestyle.These personalized lockers offer you the possibility to organize your stuff. Clever!

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