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How To Cook Curry Without Coconut Milk

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Tips No. 101. A systematic plan for your bathroom.Bathroom needs a systematic plan for storing and organizing . Try to divide your space into three zones.a. The first zone is designated for everyday items. E.g. soap, toothbrushes, the shampoo, shower gel, and the razor. This zone should be user-friendly and very accessible. Store these items on countertop, in the top drawer, or in hanging baskets.b. The second zone holds items that are used weekly and monthly. E.g. makeup, perfumes, nail care equipment. Store them in the middle drawer and on the toilet-top storage cupboard, taking care to give the items easily accessible spots.c. The third zone is designated for the items that are rarely used. It includes under-sink space and the shelf above the bathroom door.

Tips No. 276. Maintain kids’ room.To maintain your fresh and uncluttered environment, stick to a few basic rules:a. Make beds every morning.b. Keep kids’ clothing organized. Place them in the closet or the laundry basket.c. Take control of bedside clutter. Make sure kids don’t ruin what you have achieved.

Tips No. 317. Declutter kids' clothes – basics.When you go to declutter your kids' clothes, find some large boxes such as moving boxes, as well as a couple of garbage bags. You can also ask for empty boxes at your grocery store or local restaurant. Here is a simple question to keep in mind: Is this really useful? Here are some guidelines to get started decluttering of children’s clothes:a. Toss, donate, or recycle. Take everything out of the kids’ closet. Have a trash bag on hand and toss unwanted pieces of clothing. Don’t keep the pieces of clothes that need repair, unless you are planning to repair them.b. Clean up. Then, wipe down the interior and shelves.c. What's the purpose? Keep things that are in wearable condition. Throw away the items with stains or tiny holes.d. “To be, or not to be...” Create a “maybe” box if you are unsure about some items. Make final decisions within a month.e. The best part. Create your shopping list.f. Outgrown kids’ clothes. Carefully store outgrown kids’ clothes if there are younger siblings that can wear hand-me-downs.

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