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How To Cook Ramen In A Bowl

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Tips No. 44. Alphabetize your favorite spices.Have you got a large variety of spices? Do you like cooking and experiment with new flavors? Do you want to keep your herbs and spices organized? It will take only 15 minutes and you will find what you need much easier every time you cook.To alphabetize your favorite spices, bring them together. First, toss out expired spices. Then, arrange them in alphabetical order. A spice rack will help you to keep them organized once and for all. There is only one rule you should follow – put every spice back into its proper spot after the usage.

Tips No. 231. Be practical but chic!It’s a great idea to use a combination of open shelves and cupboards. In this way, you can display your favorites and conceal clutter. Therefore, select smart and savvy storage units to ensure everything is put back in place. Choose from a huge number of brands, designs and colors and enjoy your relaxing environment.

Tips No. 257. Keep your magazines neatly organized (Part I).You love your magazines so much. However, do you have magazine holders? Or do you have a special home for them, for example, on a bookshelf? If your answer is No, it’s time to sort your favorites. Here are a few ideas to do that easily and effortlessly.a. Therefore, you should organize them and put them at the place designated. A good solution is to purchase a couple of magazine racks.b. Go to your local store and pick a stylish magazine holder. Display your magazines in the living room and delight your guests who love to read magazines.c. Vertical spine bookcase is a great idea if you have a huge collection of magazines; in this way, you can group them by category.Enjoy your clutter-free living room!

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