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How To Draw An Owl Face On A Balloon

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Tips No. 100. Let dust be your guide!Do you have troubles organizing the bathroom’s limited space? Do you really need that comb with missing teeth? What about that fraying toothbrush? Realistically, your bathroom is an activity-intensive room. Accessing shower gel, soap, shampoo or conditioner can be annoying when they aren’t stored at your fingertips.First of all, take a black plastic garbage bag and throw away broken items, valueless products, empty bottles, and so on. Even half-used products. If you haven't used that lotion for six months or the past year, you probably never will. Here is a simple trick – dust can be your guide. It means, any product with a dusty coating goes to the trash right now!Next, use a box that is designated as “donate box” for surplus products that are still useful. The whole process will take less than 15 minutes. Declutter your bathroom once and for all!

Tips No. 128. A fun way to organize trinkets.Girls love trinkets. Earrings, bracelets, necklace, etc. Yours or your daughter’s costume jewelry deserves a special “home”. However, it does not have to be an expensive box or jewelry holder. You can use mason jars! You can also add some labels to group your jewelry. Then, you can paint your jars, wrap a fancy ribbon around them, add lace and tinsels. You will have great and inexpensive jewelry storage. At the same time, you will have fun decorating your jars.

Tips No. 131. Items that are rarely used.When it comes to organizing the bathroom, there are some items that are rarely used. For instance, guest towels or holiday party curling iron. Yes, it’s true, they are rarely used but they are necessary from time to time. And they can make a lot of clutter. A shelf above the bathroom door is a great spot for these items. Well-organized bathroom truly makes our lives easier.DINING ROOMThe importance of eating togetherIs your dining room a catch-all for clutter? It’s time to win your battle with clutter. There's nothing more beautiful than waking up to a clean dining room space.Dining room promotes healthy eating at home so keep it neat and tidy. Get your dining room shipshape!

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How To Draw An Owl Face On A Balloon
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How To Draw An Owl Face On A Balloon
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How To Draw An Owl Face On A Balloon
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