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How Long To Slow Cook Oxtail

Our Tips of the Day!

Tips No. 171. Desk makeover – never enough baskets.Position buckets on the side of your craft table or work desk and you'll get extra space storage for your small items. Add baskets to hold your necessities and trinkets. You will have all these items at your fingertips and desk will be clutter-free! And remember – it must be inspiring!

Tips No. 202. The best way to store your skirts.Hang your skirts on hangers with clips. Make sure to fold in the sides so the outside of your skirt will not be marked by the clips. Group your skirts in a way that is logical to you. Take your wardrobe to the next level and use double rods.

Tips No. 235. Cute nesting tables – the solution for a small living room.It serves as a multi-tiered coffee table in your living room. It is easy to move piece of furniture and it provides you with more capabilities than open coffee tables. They are perfect for small living rooms because they take up less space.They come in sets of two or three, so you get an extra tabletop surface as needed.

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